東京で京料理【日本料理(和食)・しゃぶしゃぶ 瓢喜 (ヒョウキ)】の個室接待へ 東京で京料理【日本料理(和食)・しゃぶしゃぶ 瓢喜 (ヒョウキ)】の個室接待へ

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日本料理・蒸しゃぶ・せいろ蒸し 「香水亭(カスイテイ)」 日本料理・蒸しゃぶ・せいろ蒸し 「香水亭(カスイテイ)」

  • 東京で個室接待・会食なら「日本料理・すき焼き・蒸ししゃぶ【香水亭】
  • 東京で個室接待・会食なら「日本料理・すき焼き・蒸ししゃぶ【香水亭】
  • 東京で個室接待・会食なら「日本料理・すき焼き・蒸ししゃぶ【香水亭】
  • Suki-yaki


    Dryaged beef

    Dry-aged beef is a rare delicacy,
    partly due to the advanced techniques and
    controlled environment required as well as the trimming after aging,
    which reduces the amount of available meat.
    Kasuitei uses generous portions of dry-aged Wagyu beef,
    which poses particular challenges in the dry-aging process.

    Speciality Speciality
  • Mushi-Syabu


Enjoy our special sukiyaki made with aged Wagyu beef, only available at Kasuitei, in surroundings that combine sophisticated modern design with serene Japanese ambience.

Try Kasuitei's famous sukiyaki, served with a traditional dashi broth from Kyoto and perfected in Tokyo, one of the gourmet food capitals of the world.
Instead of ordinary Wagyu beef, we use the highest quality dry-aged Wagyu beef in our sukiyaki. Compared with regular Wagyu beef, our aged Wagyu is supremely tender with concentrated sweetness and umami flavors. Try it once and you will fall in love with the difference.
In addition to sukiyaki, we also offer aged Wagyu beef as steak and in other dishes such as mushi-shabu, where Wagyu beef and vegetables are steamed together in bamboo steamers.
All seating at Kasuitei restaurants is in private rooms. Guests dine in stylish surroundings that incorporate modern style into traditional Japanese design.A relaxing environment and unforgettable dining experience await.


This seosons’s Kyo-kaiseki MENU is started. You could take a look on  “CUISINE” page.


We offer unparalleled hospitality in cuisine,
service, and surroundings.


Learn more about table manners when eating traditional Japanese meals and how to eat sukiyaki and kaiseki cuisine.


Enjoy our signature Japanese cuisine, including our famous Aged Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki, Mushi-Shabu, and elaborately prepared, gorgeous Kyo-kaiseki courses.


Three locations open in Roppongi, Kyobashi and Shimbashi.
Enjoy Hyoki's signature cuisine in modern stylish surroundings imbued with serene Japanese ambience.

Kyoto Ekimae Restaurant

Kasuitei Roppongi Main Restaurant

Mercury Roppongi 1F/2F, 6-7-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Kyoto Ekimae Restaurant

Kasuitei blossom Restaurant

PERSA 115 7F, 1-15-5 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo